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killingly community garden

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece"

Claude Monet


Why Participate in Killingly Community Garden?

Gardening is a fun and rewarding experience that promotes physical and mental wellness and rewards us with healthy food throughout the season. 
Community gardens provide space for people without access to land who would otherwise not be able to enjoy gardening. They can also provide support to new gardeners who are unsure of what to do. 
If you're a student or member of a group with community service hours to fill or just a regular citizen looking for a way to help your community, volunteering at Killingly Community Garden is a great way to do that while building skills, staying active, and enjoying the outdoors!


The Killingly Community Garden began in the winter of 2013. A group of volunteers, Town Council members, Town employees, the Killingly Agriculture Commission and the Northeast District Department of Health began to discuss the need for a community garden in Killingly.By the following spring they had established a site, raised funds and began developing the land for gardening at the old Killingly High School on Westfield Ave in Danielson.


Our first modest season was a success. Since then we have continued to provide growing space in raised beds for local gardeners and dedicated beds for the local food pantry and other local organizations. We also have perennial beds to encourage local pollinators and have held very successful  canning classes at the Killingly Grange. 

Since 2015, KCG has greatly benefitted from a continuing grant awarded by the Danielson ElksLodge 1706, which has vastly helped us expand our site's accessibility, function and visual appeal. In the future our goal is to get more people involved in producing healthy food for themselves and the community. We hope to provide more classes and better our landscape design so the garden is beautiful as well as functional.

Our garden can only thrive with the support of the Town of Killingly and its residents!



76 Westfield Avenue

Killingly, CT 06239


Tel: 860-779-5311

(Killingly Planning &

Development Office)

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